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China's leading game company Netease tops IBD 50 Index in US stock market

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China's leading game company Netease tops IBD 50 Index in US stock market
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Netease, the leading Chinese game company, kept going strong in 2015 as the company's stock price (NASDAQ:NTES) in NASDAQ went up by 80% in the past year.

In the latest IBD 50 index, Netease topped all 50 stocks. The rank also featured Facebook which was listed No.7.

Note: the IBD 50 targets companies generating outstanding profit growth, big sales increases, wide profit margins and high return on equity.

Started as one of the earliest internet companies in China, Netease is now growing to an international enterprise with over $1 billion USD revenue in Q3 2015, 78% of which were from Netease games.

Just like IBD 50's comment on Netease, the company is "moving from heavy focus on PC games to mobile gaming," and they have achieved some major successes in the mobile gaming market in 2015.

First, the fantasy-style adventure game Lunar Flowers won iPad games of 2015 in Hong Kong and Taiwan regions, and then Battle to the West II secured Google Play's Best Game of 2015 in the same regions.

Last, but not least, Netease Games won big in App Annie's Global Mobile Game Index in November.

With Fantasy Westward Journey and Journey to the West's aggressive increase in Chinese iOS gaming market, Netease Games crowned the global iOS income chart for the first time.

Most notably, Fantasy Westward Journey surpassed Clash of Clans and took the second place.