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Storytelling platform Unrd raises $2.5 million in funding

To be used for new formats and audience growth
Storytelling platform Unrd raises $2.5 million in funding
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Storytelling platform Unrd has raised $2.5 million in funding to continue growing the platform.

As reported by, Galaxy Interactive participated in the round via its Galaxy EOS VC Fund. Further participants included Play Ventures, Initial Capital, Backed VC and Saatchi Invest.

The money will be directed at new formats for content on top of growing its audience. Furthermore, the interactive platform will consider looking for TV content partnerships.

The next chapter

Unrd currently has 18 stories available on its platform, with more to be added in the future. However, as noted on Twitter, it has had to cease filming on all its planned content due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Interactive fiction has become a popular genre on mobile thanks to titles like Episodes and Choices, though not all competitors have seen success. FoxNext's Storyscape was shut down at the start of 2020 following the developer's acquisition by Scopely and the subsequent shuttering of its subsidiary Fogbank Entertainment.