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The Battle of Polytopia celebrates a milestone 20 million mobile downloads

The game has proven a hit on multiple platforms, with mobile leading the way
The Battle of Polytopia celebrates a milestone 20 million mobile downloads
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Swedish developer Midjiwan is celebrating a milestone 20 million downloads of its hit strategy game The Battle of Polytopia across Google Play and the App Store.

Since its release as a Flash game in 2016, the game has gone on to be a success on a variety of platforms including Steam, the Nintendo Switch, and even Tesla cars. Additionally, the game has proven so successful that Stockholm has a dedicated store, Polytopia Shop of Souveniers, selling official merchandise.

"By reaching more than 20 million players, we’ve proven that you don’t need to be aggressive with monetisation to have a successful mobile game," said Midjiwan general manager Christian Lövstedt.

"In fact, that’s exactly why our game is a hit - we focus on providing great gameplay, not the business model. These values will continue long into the future as we continue to grow across platforms and explore potential future titles in the Polytopia universe."

The road to success

Polytopia’s success is attributed in part to its combination of mobile gaming and PC gameplay, helping it stand out from other mobile 4X strategy games built for mobile. Additionally, the game has found success with its laidback monetisation strategy, focusing on cosmetics and expansions with no in-game currency or pay-to-win mechanics. This has helped the game become a hit with critics and consumers alike, leading to it taking home the "Excellence in Gameplay" award at the 2017 International Mobile Gaming Awards.

"When I started making The Battle of Polytopia, I wanted to create the kind of game that I would enjoy, that wasn’t already available anywhere else," said Midjiwan founder and game designer Felix Ekenstam. "The idea was to build the best strategic game while blending it with the simplicity and accessibility you’d expect on mobile, but without all the aggressive monetisation nonsense this audience hates. Now, 20 million downloads later, I think it’s safe to say my vision for the game has been validated.

"I’d like to give a big thank you to the fans who have stayed with us on our journey, and we’ve got a lot more coming down the road for The Battle of Polytopia that I think they and new players alike will love."

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