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Tim Cook represents Apple in visits to miHoYo and other Chinese partners

Meeting creators behind games like Genshin Impact
Tim Cook represents Apple in visits to miHoYo and other Chinese partners

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook has been meeting with the company’s partners in China in a move to reinforce relationships, with miHoYo being the latest stop in this mission.

The developer of Genshin Impact has become a notable company in China through the gacha game’s huge success. Cook’s visit has involved meeting with co-founder Liu Wei and one of Genshin Impact’s developers in Shanghai, where the company is headquartered.

Touring China

Cook’s tour of China has included visits to partners in Shanghai, Beijing and other parts of the mainland, South China Morning Post reported. He commented that more products will be coming to the country, and that it is "very important to Apple".

A low-carbon transformation has also been promised as a focal point, along with commercial retail, research and development, and stability of supply chains.

On China’s blog service Weibo, Cook posted: "Fun meeting with the creators behind award-winning iPhone and iPad games like Genshin Impact. Thanks to the phenomenal team at miHoYo for showing me how you create immersive fantasy worlds for everyone to enjoy on the App Store."

In turn, miHoYo responded with a Weibo post that thanked Apple for its recognition and ongoing support, adding: "We will continue to work hard to create immersive experiences for players around the world."

Genshin Impact has been an incredibly successful title with an impressive track record since launch. It generated $1 billion in revenue within its first six months and made it to $4 billion by the end of last year after little over two years since launch.

Cook also visited the Global Harbour shopping centre to meet with app developers at Apple’s Design and Development Accelerator. At other points in the trip, he met with China’s top officials including premier Li Qiang and minister of commerce Wang Wentag.

An art exhibition was recently opened in France in celebration of Genshin Impact, featuring life-size characters and more.