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True Gamers gets set to build $280 million esports island in Abu Dhabi

True Gamers is currently in talks with investors to raise the $280 million it needs to acquire the island and commence building facilities
True Gamers gets set to build $280 million esports island in Abu Dhabi
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Mar 26, 2024 investment $280m
  • While no exact opening dates were specified, the creators expect returns on investment 10 years after the esports Island is opened.
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UAE-based esports network True Gamers has unveiled plans to build a $280 million esports island in the country's capital Abu Dhabi.

As reported by Esports Insider, the company aims to build training facilities, a tournament venue, hotels and content creation spaces.

Creating new experiences

At the heart of the island is the Digital Tower, which will serve as a hub for meetings, startup accelerators, and animation studios. In addition, plans also include building a TG Arena, which will house esports tournament areas, and the GG resort, a hotel with 200 rooms equipped with gaming PCs.

True Gamers said its plans come after research conducted with inpu from more than 100 organisations, including Virtus.Pro, Team Spirit, and BetBoom.

No timeframe has been announced for when the esports island would open.

“True Gamers conducted a comprehensive market analysis of the MENA region’s esports landscape and the global esports industry’s growth trajectory before esports Island development," said True Gamers CEO and co-founder Anton Vasilenko.

"This in-depth analysis gives us the confidence that the proposed business model will be instrumental in bringing esports Island to life.”