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Voodoo announces new winter game competition with coaching and resources on offer

Studios around the world can enter and access top coaching and resources from Voodoo, alongside exclusive up-to-date product knowledge
Voodoo announces new winter game competition with coaching and resources on offer
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Voodoo, the world’s number one mobile game publisher in terms of downloads, has announced its new Winter Game Competition, open to studios worldwide.

The new competition, which launched 16 December, gives participants the opportunity to discover the latest insights on hypercasual mechanics, market trends, failures and successes, and recent case studies to level up on ideation and execution.

Merging Gameplays

The initiative will set studios on the right path for 2022, increasing their chances of creating a hit game this season. The competition will run until 20 February 2022, giving participants more than two months to ideate and develop prototypes under the theme of Merging Gameplays.

Voodoo will give participants direct access to support from its publishing and product teams for the duration of the competition. Live streams will be available bi-weekly from January and filled with reinforced product knowledge to help studios build and develop their prototypes.

For the first time, alongside prizes for first, second and third place, Voodoo is offering an all-inclusive (flights and accommodation) trip to Paris to one studio for five days, including desk space at Voodoo HQ and a chance to meet and work directly with the Voodoo teams.

Additional prizes on offer include:

  • First prize - $1 million - For all launched and confirmed games that exceed five million downloads in the first four months following launch.
  • Second prize - $200,000 - For any launched and confirmed game within the theme during the competition.
  • Third prize - $10,000 - For all games hitting a less than $0.20 CPI and more than 30% D1 retention on Android, or less than $0.30 CPI and more than 30% D1 on iOS, or a D3 playtime of over 60 minutes and less than $0.60 CPI on both platforms.
  • Referral prize - $100,000 - For referring a studio that goes on to win a primary prize.

There is no limit on the total value of prizes given, meaning that participants can enter several prototypes to win multiple prizes.

Those wanting to take part in the competition can register online, and watch the full kick-off live stream here.