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Voodoo president and COO joins Homa Games as senior strategic advisor

The announcement follows Voodoo’s former CFO’s appointment as Homa Games’ new VP of finance and legal.
Voodoo president and COO joins Homa Games as senior strategic advisor
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Hubert Larenaudie has been appointed by Homa Games to serve as senior strategic advisor to the French game publisher.

Larenaudie will advise on strategic projects and investment, with a special focus on developing the Asian marketLarenaudie will hold an operational position and is expected to have a key role in defining the company’s growth strategy.

Alongside this, Larenaudie brings extensive experience from the gaming industry - specifically the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. He has been in leadership roles with games companies including Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts and Take 2 as president and COO for those companies. He was also key in developing Unity’s APAC market, turning it into the most significant region for the company in terms of revenue and market share.

"I rarely see a company with so much potential. The creative tech infrastructure that Homa has built is truly impressive and will help thousands of game developers to make games that will be loved by millions of people," said Larenaudie. 

"Their fast production processes make them extremely agile executing any game genre from board to puzzle, casual and hypercasual."

Homa Games CEO Daniel Nathan added: "Among other positions, Hubert was the previous general manager unity APAC and the president of Take-Two Interactive for Asia. He is one the most senior executives in gaming and will bring his experience to Homa."

Fellow Voodoo

In January 2021, Homa Games hired Romain Levrini, the former chief financial officer (CFO) of Voodoo, as its new vice president of finance and legal. Levrini is in charge of accompanying the company’s ambitious growth by leading its corporate development initiatives.

Thanks to his previous roles with Voodoo and as a consultant in strategy and transactions at EY, Levrini has developed a unique experience in mobile gaming, company scaling, and complex merger and acquisition processes.

“I rarely see a company with so much potential.”
Hubert Larenaudie

Nathan noted that: "Romain is a seasoned executive with an impressive track record in creating value through both internal and external growth. He will be a valued member of the Homa executive team as we move forward in our mission to unlock the creativity of developers."


“It's very rare to find a fit between a booming sector (more than $300 billion by 2025) and an ultra-ambitious team positioned to become the leader of this market. I'm convinced we are lucky enough to have those two elements here at Homa, so now it's our duty to catch this huge market opportunity as fast as we can," added Levrini. 

"In such a fast-paced environment we will have to take risks and be bold. Of course, we will fail from time to time but we should cherish those failures and learn from them as if we're not failing, we're not trying hard enough."

Levrini's appointment was followed in February 2021, by the announcement of a $15 million seed round from Idinvest Partners, and renowned business angels to support M&A opportunities, build more powerful technology, and extend the company's portfolio of intellectual property (IP), with new strategic partnerships.

Growing quickly, Homa Games has recently opened a new office in Lviv, Ukraine, to attract talent from this new games hub. The company is currently recruiting heavily for its officers in both Paris and Lviv.