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WEBZEN signs partners with Crimoons to publish mobile idle RPG ‘Project F’

Project F is an upcoming mobile game with character collection and idle RPG features
WEBZEN signs partners with Crimoons to publish mobile idle RPG ‘Project F’
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WEBZEN has recently signed a game publishing agreement for a new mobile idle RPG with Crimoons, tentatively called ‘Project F’.

Project F is a new collection-driven idle RPG based in a world of strife-torn races who fought against fallen gods. Unlike many other idle RPG titles, the game will offer co-op experiences with other players.

While hard information remains scarce, WEBZEN is planning to set the release date and finalise the game’s name in the near future.

Project F will be localised and released across multiple regions including: the Americas, Europe, Southeast Asia, South Korea, and more, with localised versions made available in each region.

Thanks to this new partnership, WEBZEN expects to expand its business and add a new genre to its growing line-up of hardcore MMORPGs such as the ‘MU’ and ‘R2’ series.

Crimoons, based in Chengdu, China, specialises in mobile game development and game-related cultural content. With this collaboration with WEBZEN, the developer is taking its first step toward South Korea and other regions by rolling out its game to the global market.

WEBZEN has recently signed several other publishing and investment contracts with local and international developers for a variety of as-yet-undisclosed projects. WEBZEN has stated it will disclose the details of these projects to the public in accordance with business and development schedules.

WEBZEN is continuing to expand its investments and partnerships to strengthen its publishing activities, with a focus upon new technology, cross-play services and increasing the genres within its portfolio.

In addition, WEBZEN also collaborates with and invests in indie game developers through its ‘Unicorn TF’ team and provides skilled support and consulting services for finance, management, recruitment and business.

WEBZEN is actively looking for new development partners around the world, regardless of investment method, business models. Email WEBZEN directly, or visit the official

For more information on other WEBZEN’s games, visit WEBZEN's website or the official Facebook community.