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Company Spotlight: Sablo Studio

Find out more about the mobile developer and publisher behind such hits as Idle Construction 3D, Dig Tycoon and Oil Mining 3D
Company Spotlight: Sablo Studio

Company Spotlight:

Sablo Studio

Date Founded:


Business Type:

Independent mobile game developer and publisher


Lahore, Pakistan

Managing Directors:

Gulfam Asghar

Key Staff:

Gulfam Asghar (CEO/Founder):
Face of the company and will speak about the company's overall vision, strategy, and industry trends also company's product roadmap, product development strategies.

Nadeem Ahmed Aziz (Marketing & publishing manager)
Head of Marketing/CMO: Will speak about game’s publishing, marketing strategies, customer acquisition, brand development, and market trends.

Sana Yousaf (Admin & Creative Expert)
Open to discuss the strategies required to balance ad revenue with player experience, and optimizing ad frequency and placement for maximizing revenue. Also focused upon the compelling ad creatives that attract and retain users.

Number of Employees:


Contact Details:


Social Media Links:

Game Links:

Google Play Store
Apple App Store

Key Games:

Dig Tycoon - Idle Game
Idle Construction 3D

Main Areas Of Business:

We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive suite of services that span mobile game development, partnership, publishing, growth, and creative ad solutions.

Elevator Pitch:

Sablo Studio is a leading player in the gaming industry. With a strategic approach and industry acumen, we ensure that the games we publish garner maximum visibility globally. In parallel, we drive growth with our innovative ad solutions, creating compelling narratives to attract the right audiences.

As a comprehensive game services provider, Sablo Studio is passionate about transforming unique game ideas into engaging experiences for gamers worldwide. Our track record highlights our commitment to quality, innovation, and success in the dynamic world of gaming.

Sablo Studio collaborates with a diverse array of talented game developers, bringing unique and innovative games to life. We also partner with various advertising networks and tech providers to ensure our games reach the right audience effectively and efficiently.

Our partnerships extend across the globe, connecting us with industry leaders and emerging talents alike. Some of our successful projects include Idle Construction 3D, Dig Tycoon Idle Game, Oil Mining 3D and Juice Factory - Fruit Farm 3D. Each project underscores our dedication to delivering captivating and enjoyable gaming experiences to players worldwide.

Highlights To Date:

We are a front-runner in the Pakistani gaming landscape, and have consistently delivered top-tier gaming experiences, earning high ranks across leading app marketplaces in hypercascual, idle, arcade and hybrid models.

Our successful collaboration with the distinguished French publisher, GPG, resulted in the launch of Idle Construction 3D, a widely recognized game within the industry. Furthermore, our unique games such as Dig Tycoon and Oil Mining have surpassed millions in download counts, demonstrating our broad user appeal.

We've also been awarded significant accolades, including a prestigious honor from PASHA. In essence, our goal is to continue pioneering compelling, top-quality gaming experiences for a global audience with our partner Azur Interactive.

Tell us something about you that nobody really knows:

We regularly conduct novelty and creative brainstorming sessions that often lead to the most innovative ideas. A little-known fact is that some of our best-performing game concepts have actually been born during these casual gaming hangouts.

At Sablo, we not only create games, we live them!