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Nintendo is shutting down Dragalia Lost after main campaign ends

Second mobile game to be shut down with one year
Nintendo is shutting down Dragalia Lost after main campaign ends
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Nintendo has revealed that it will be shutting down mobile RPG Dragalia Lost later this year after the main campaign concludes in July 2022.

Developed by Cygames, Dragalia Lost was the first, and only, original mobile IP from Nintendo. The title launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Macau, and the US on September 27 2018 with over one million pre-registrations, and later launched in more regions the following year.

The final update for the game will be on March 31 with the game not to receive any new content, with the exception of main quest and some other quest content. The exact date the game will be taken down is yet to be disclosed, with Nintendo to give more details will be revealed at a later date.

The game had racked up $28 million after one month and within its first year the game had generated $106 million. However, CyberAgent (Cygames' parent company) president Susumu Fujita reflected that the company regretted relying too mcuh on a single title as the game fell below expectations.

Second to shut down

Last year, Nintendo shut down one of its other mobile titles, Dr Mario World, after just over two years since launch. Although it got off to a good start, Dr Mario World was Nintendo’s worst performing mobile title.

For the nine months ending December 2021, Nintendo’s mobile revenues had dropped 5.2 per cent to approximately $347 million. Nintendo looks to have slowed its mobile games approach with only one affiliated game launched in the past two years, Pikmin Bloom from Niantic.

It’s not all gloom and doom for Nintendo’s mobile operations as Fire Emblem Heroes has generated almost $1 billion in consumer spending since launch. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the company’s second best mobile title with $267 million, followed by Mario Kart Tour at $259 million.