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International Game Developers Association announces its first Saudi Arabian chapter

The new chapter is being created in collaboration with Nine66
International Game Developers Association announces its first Saudi Arabian chapter
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Aug 12, 2022 partnership IGDA Not disclosed

The International Game Developers Association has announced a new chapter in Saudi Arabia, named IGDA Riyadh.

The IGDA is the world’s biggest nonprofit membership organisation. The organisation works to advance the careers of developers through networking opportunities, professional development, and the advocation of the interests of developers worldwide.

“There is huge appetite to play, develop and enjoy games and egaming in the Middle East, and especially in Saudi Arabia,” said IGDA International chairperson Natasha Skult. “We’re proud to be opening our first IGDA chapter in Saudi Arabia and helping both novice and established game developers harness the full power of their potential.”

IGDA Riyad’s mission is to bring developers together by organising monthly networking events. The organisation have built a growing community from pilot events since March 2022.

A new collaboration

IGDA Riyadh is being created in collaboration with Nine66, which is creating an integrated support system for developers. Nine66 provides infrastructure, skills development, network, capital, and publishing services to studios and developers in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

“IGDA is a superb partner for an organization like Nine66 working to support game developers. We’re pleased to welcome them to Saudi Arabia – a country with huge potential and into the region with the fastest growing game industry globally,” said Nine66 CEO Kadri Harma.

4Players marketing director Patty Toledo said of the development “I think it is very positive and important that IGDA is extending their support and resources to areas like Riyadh. There is so much talent around the world that remains untapped and under-valued because of cultural, political and financial limitations and associations like IGDA can really make a difference, bringing to light the challenges and positive sides of it all.”

 In July, IGDA appointed Alyssa Walles as executive director.