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Make your game part of the Play for Türkiye relief bundle via

Proceeds from the bargain bundle will go to charities assisting those affected by the Turkish earthquakes
Make your game part of the Play for Türkiye relief bundle via

Money raised from sales of a new game bundle will go towards supporting a number of charities assisting the survivors of the deadly earthquakes which struck Türkiye and Syria earlier this year and submissions for games are open now.

In February of this year, earthquakes of a near unseen magnitude struck the area of southern Türkiye and northern Syria, causing massive damage and a number of fatalities. Even many months on, many charities are still actively working to facilitate cleanup and help restore some sense of normalcy for the victims. Play For Türkiye, a group of individuals from the Turkish games industry, are one of many organisations working to raise money for these charities.

Play For Türkiye’s Earthquake Relief Bundle for Türkiye & Syria currently has open submissions for developers to submit their games on the popular indie platform, Money raised from sales of the bundle will go to a number of charities via the Turkish Philanthropy Fund including charities such as UNICEF, Doctors without Borders and the White Helmets.

Developers can contribute their games to the bundle to show their support, while gamers get a great deal on some great games, all the while helping the charity.

A humble bundle for good

The work done by many of the charities the money raised from this bundle will go towards can’t be overstated. All three have a long history of providing aid to those in need, and with the magnitude of the earthquakes striking Turkiye being one of the strongest on record, their help is needed now more than ever.

The decision to utilise a platform like will help not only bring in gamers who want to see their money towards a good cause, but will also benefit the platform and independent creators who use it by showing that their work can make a difference for those affected by this disaster.

Submissions for the bundle will be open from 3pm on the 7th of April to 12 am on the 21st of April, 2023.