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My.Games to partner with Amazon and Google for Game Drive Program

The business accelerator program is in its third year
My.Games to partner with Amazon and Google for Game Drive Program
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My.Games will partner with a number of companies, most prominently Google and Amazon Web Services for the third season of their Game Drive business accelerator program.

My.Games’ investment division, MGVC will be hosting the Game Drive in collaboration with a number of partners including Google and Amazon. The event will feature an online portion on May 11 and an offline in-person event on May 23 in Malmö, Sweden, as a part of the Nordic Game Conference.

The main aim of the program is, like many game accelerators, to aid new and existing studios in scaling their projects and expanding internationally, and was first hosted in 2020 with the second season taking place in 2021. This then marks a return for the event and arguably for My.Games too.

CSO of My.Games, Elena Grigoryan commented “We launched Game Drive in 2020 with the core objective of developing the mobile gaming ecosystem and providing game developers with the best advice, knowledge and expertise, to set their projects up for success. Today, the industry faces a number of challenges, and to succeed, game developers must review their tactics and come up with new ones.

“This time around, we have significantly expanded our business accelerator program, preparing content and tools uniquely tailored to the needs of mobile game developers today, and we encourage all studios, no matter big or small, to participate in Game Drive,” she also added.

Back in the spotlight

This partnership represents the “new” My.Games stepping back into the international spotlight. Since the company divested entirely from its Russian owners and operations last year, their new leadership has strived to take their existing global and European business and build on it.

The return of the MGVC Game Drive event represents a vindication of their plans as it shows some of the biggest companies in the world are willing and ready to partner with My.Games for such a high-profile event. It seems that the efforts that chief strategy officer Elena Grigoryan describes here have succeeded in putting the company on a new, brighter path towards a global future.