Paid traffic is just as valuable as organic, says Unity senior marketing manager

Tracy Joseph made the statement during her talk on Busting Mobile User Acquisition Myths

Paid traffic is just as valuable as organic, says Unity senior marketing manager

Developers that end up paying for player traffic as opposed to generating it organically should be valued the same, according to Unity senior marketing manager of monetisation Tracy Joseph.

Joseph made the statement during her Unite Copenhagen 2019 talk, where she was making attendees aware of the three common misconceptions with mobile user acquisition.

Awareness tactics were a key input of the paid traffic common error, where companies partner with influencers.

Two examples of this were shown where Supercell partnered with YouTubers for Brawl Stars and an Instagram campaign was utilised for Bejewled.

Several performance tactics such as playable ads, end cards and mobile video ads were also highlighted for yielding the best results.

Too expensive, too difficult

The second misconception was to do with user acquisition being less expensive than other strategies.

“You have to spend money to make money”, said Joseph.

The outcome that was found from Unity’s research suggested that you should input money into the user acquisition to produce a higher revenue but it’s all relative. Paid acquisition was also mentioned for being scalable.

The final misconception was that user acquisition is generally too difficult to achieve. Unity uses an advanced targeting system - known as Audience Pinpointer - to overcome this issue by finding specific users that will play beyond installing the game.

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