Sonic the Hedgehog movie sprints to nearly $60 million in its first three days

The film was released on February 14th

Sonic the Hedgehog movie sprints to nearly $60 million in its first three days

Sonic the Hedgehog's new movie made $58 million in its first weekend.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Paramount's film is projected to bring in $70 million after four days of release.

Sega's mascot made his big-screen debut on February 14th. However, the blue hedgehog was first set to hit movie theatres last year. Due to fans being understandably unsatisfied with Sonic's first look - it was nightmare-inducing - the movie was delayed.

A former Sonic Mania designer - Tyson Hesse - was brought in to return the fan favourite mascot to his true glory. The new trailer demonstrating the improved look was released on November 12th 2019.

Mascot battles

Before Sonic's big day, Pokemon Detective Pikachu - one of Nintendo's mascots - boasted the highest-grossing opening weekend for a video game based film - it earned $54.3 million in three days.

With a total grossing of $436 million, Detective Pikachu is currently the most successful movie to be made based on a video game.

However, the honour of being the highest-rated video game movie - via Rotten Tomatoes - belongs to The Angry Birds Movie 2. In August 2019, the film held an 82 per cent approval rating based on 28 reviews.

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