AppQuantum’s new Business Acceleration Program offers casual and midcore developers up to $1 million investment

From a total pot of $10 million, with potential to expand

AppQuantum’s new Business Acceleration Program offers casual and midcore developers up to $1 million investment

European mobile games publisher AppQuantum has launched a new programme for free-to-play mobile developers called the Business Acceleration Program. Through this, developers will be able to receive a maximum of $1 million in financial support.

The target audiences for the programme are primarily casual and midcore developers making free-to-play games on mobile. A partnership of "equivalent exchange" and "maximum synergy" where everyone contributes to the final result is the main goal.

A large investment pot

Known for games like Dragon Champions and Idle Evil Clicker, AppQuantum publishes internationally and surpassed 100 million downloads in March 2022. AppQuantum’s first started investing on a smaller scale last year and has since created full investment programmes.

In addition to investing financially, the company is looking to offer guidance to studios: sharing expertise, supporting in organisation processes and taking charge of marketing, analytics and legal needs. The programme will also give developers access to a range of partnership options such as coverage for studio burn rates, publishing games, hiring and marketing.

So far, AppQuantum has reserved a total of $10 million for the first investment round; once that limit has been reached, discussions will begin as to whether a $20 million limit is possible.

Other forms of partnership possible in the Business Acceleration Program include purchasing service solutions, product investment in return for a share of the studio and converting teams into parts of AppQuantum.

"We always keep in touch with the studios that set ambitious goals, whether it is to enter the top 50 grossing casual games or start self-publishing. Our aim is to help them achieve these goals much faster," said AppQuantum founder Evgeny Maurus.

"We support the development of their products with high-quality marketing and assist them with self-publishing and legal issues."

The company received an investment itself at the start of the year from Playrix, which marked the latter’s first time investing in an independent publisher.

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