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Stage Two of Transformers x Top War: Battle Game crossover breaks records once again

The second phase of the in-game brand collaboration pushed the popular battle game to new heights of revenue and pushed it up the app store listings worldwide
Stage Two of Transformers x Top War: Battle Game crossover breaks records once again

In August 2021, top franchise Transformers and popular sim life game (SLG) Top War: Battle Gamelaunched a two-week collaboration that proved successful with fans of both parties. Top War: Battle Game broke its daily revenue record on the first day, and its App Store ranking rose in markets across the world.

The second phase of the collaboration ran for three weeks between March 10 and March 30 2022, and once again broke the game’s single-day revenue record, with overall revenue surpassing the phase one event. Top War: Battle Game’s ranking continued to rise in the App Stores, and the collaboration was featured and recommended on channels such as the App Store’s App Today.

In the Chinese App Store, Top War: Battle Game rose from 18th place to 11th, while in the US it made a huge jump to number 13 from 36, and in Japan it rose from 45th to 32nd.

Multi-stage collaborations often generate excitement in the first phase before dropping off later, but that has not been the case here, with each phase building on the previous one and generating even more interest and fan engagement.

Phase one

In the first phase, Transformers character favourites were launched in-game, and phase two introduced a background story to kick off the gameplay, which made players excited to learn what comes next and then unite together to defeat the ultimate villain: Unicron.

At each stage of the collaboration, Yodo1’s team has worked to incorporate and blend beloved Transformers characters with Top War: Battle Game’s gameplay style, resulting in unique visuals and an innovative experience for players.

The success of this partnership is the result of Yodo1’s experience in pairing highly compatible games and IPs for the benefit of all involved. Having a broad understanding of the industry has ensured that the international IP collaborations we facilitate have been executed smoothly and successfully.

New characters, new gameplay

The fabulous, sprawling Transformers universe is a rich mine for game tie-ups, and for this collaboration Top War: Battle Game has introduced new characters to the game—Autobot Arcee, evil chaos bringer Unicron and the Sharkticons—as well as new gameplay, all of which have proved extremely popular with players.

Rivergame, a fast-growing mobile game developer based in Beijing, China, launched their flagship military simulation SLG Top War: Battle Game in China in April 2019, and it has gone from strength to strength ever since. According to Sensor Tower statistics, the company's achievements include a place in the top eight Chinese game publishers by global revenue in the App and Google Play stores in March 2022.

Brands in Games (BiG), Yodo1’s IP licensing arm, provides both developers and IP holders with a streamlined, hassle-free path to successful partnerships. Creating pairings between world-class brands and mobile games that are compatible with their player base and demographics allows both parties to expand their audience and reward their existing fans. It’s truly a win-win for everyone.

Are IP collaborations the right way forward for you? Reach out to our IP Licensing Manager today to learn more; we’d love to discuss opportunities and ways to work together for success.