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Vodafone Idea partners with CareGame for India’s first cloud gaming service

The service will be previewed at India Mobile Congress 2022
Vodafone Idea partners with CareGame for India’s first cloud gaming service
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Sep 30, 2022 partnership CareGame Vodafone Idea Not disclosed
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Vodafone Idea and CareGame have announced a new partnership, which will see them offer 5G cloud gaming throughout the country.

The partnership will enable mobile users to stream high quality games on any iPhone or Android device, without the need for downloads.

“The online gaming industry is among the fastest growing entertainment segments in India and with the advent of 5G it is expected to grow many folds,” said Vodafone Idea Chief Marketing Officer Avneesh Khosia. “Mobile gaming is a key agenda for us to drive engagement with our consumers. We have been constantly expanding our Gaming portfolio and this partnership with CareGame will bring India’s first Mobile Cloud Gaming service on Vi 5G for our users to get an ultimate gaming experience at IMC 2022.”

Streaming the future

With over 300 million mobile gamers and a compound annual growth rate of 38 percent, India isn’t just a big market, but a growing one. The country’s mobile games industry is projected to triple in size in the coming years, reaching over five billion dollars by 2025.

“Smartphone is the first device used by gamers in India. But today mobile games are getting more and more sophisticated, requiring more powerful phones, more storage, longer downloads and updates,” said CareGame co-founder and president Benjamin Athuil. “Our unique Mobile Cloud Gaming technology lifts all these barriers up so that all mobile gamers can enjoy all these great mobile games, whether being RPG, MOBA, Battle Royale, Strategy, Simulation, FPS, Racing or in any other genre. No download required, no gamepad required, this is AAA mobile gaming for everyone!"

"Today, together with Vi, we are making it possible in India.”

The service is being previewed at India Mobile Congress 2022, which is being held in New Delhi from the first to the fourth of October.

Earlier this month, we reported that fifty percent of Gen Z gamers in India actively participate in real money gaming.