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Yodo1 introduces native ads to its MAS platform

Yodo1 puts players and profits first with introduction of its new native ad service on its Managed Ads Service platform
Yodo1 introduces native ads to its MAS platform

International game-tech company Yodo1 has now unlocked native ads as a feature on its world-leading game monetisation platform, Managed Ads Services (MAS).

The upgrade, which took effect on March 14, was engineered specifically to help game and app developers achieve that elusive balance between providing an excellent in-game experience and having an effective monetisation strategy.

MAS Product Lead Alex Olthoff described the move as a win-win for those the company cared most about, its partners and their players/users: "So often we see games chock full of the intrusive banner and interstitial ads, trying to emulate the hypercasual giants that get over 10,000 users a day and monetise those users for seven days without much thought to long-term retention.

"We believe indie developers can create better ad experiences, and at Yodo1, we're committed to helping them do so. Combined with this powerful ad type, MAS will also help developers benefit from an effective monetisation solution without the usually required complexities."

We believe indie developers can create better ad experiences, and at Yodo1, we're committed to helping them do so.

MAS is a single and unbiased software development kit (SDK) that contains 13 premium ad networks competing to earn developers the highest possible ad revenue. The account creation and management on these ad networks platforms and the configuration are entirely managed by a proprietary algorithm created by Yodo1, publishers of mega-hits like Crossy Road, Rodeo Stampede, and Transformers: Earth Wars.

A match made in gaming heaven: MAS x Native Ads

MAS is further complemented by a team of monetisation experts optimising games daily, like the company's Rodeo Stampede and the more recent but very popular Animal Revolt Battle Simulator (ARBS). The easy-to-install solution has increased developers' worldwide revenue by 30 per cent on average.

In MAS, native ads come in two sizes: small and medium. These sizes are based on ratios, meaning developers can customise the size, but typically a small size is bigger than a standard banner (250 x 100 pixels), while a large size can be similar to an International Advertising Bureau (IAB) medium rectangle banner (300 x 250).

Developers using natives can also expect to get earnings close to those of interstitials. Given the improvement developers typically see in retention after switching partially or entirely to native ads, overtime earnings trend upwards thanks to higher Google Play ratings, longer sessions, and more repeat play.

MAS makes it seamless for indie devs

Yodo1 believes that indie developers trying to do better by themselves and their players and users deserve an easy-to-use native ads solution that doesn't require multiple ad network integrations and managing eCPM floors or bidding solutions. With MAS, they can get a seamless experience using the ad type and an automated solution for managing the monetisation of all the other major mobile ad types they rely on.

Native ads on MAS promise to help thousands of developers experiment with new app and game ideas more rapidly, saving time on annoying integrations and making more money to boot.

Yodo1 can help strike that balance between a good game experience and a solid monetisation strategy: register on the MAS Portal today, set up MAS in just three easy steps, or contact a Games Growth Specialist.