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Yodo1 mobile game competition: enter today and win up to $1000

Cash prizes and coaching on offer to winning developers in gameplay, game design, music and monetisation categories
Yodo1 mobile game competition: enter today and win up to $1000

2021 has been the year of independent artists and creators moving to the forefront, and the world of mobile gaming is no exception.

At Yodo1, the team has worked with thousands of talented developers that use the company's MAS platform for their monetisation needs, and they’ve been blown away by the creativity and talent they see.

In fact, they are so good that playing their partners’ games has been a favourite activity for many of the Yodo1 team members, and they want to showcase the best of the best.

How are they doing this? The company has decided to launch a massive game competition to highlight and celebrate the innovation that we’ve experienced.

How Does the Competition Work?

It’s simple! Games will compete in four categories:

  • gameplay
  • game design
  • music
  • monetisation strategy

All submissions will be evaluated on these four criteria by an expert panel of five judges from Yodo1. The game that tops each category will win $500, and the overall winner will receive the grand prize of $1000.

But it doesn’t stop there! All winners will also be eligible to enter a dedicated accelerated program and receive individual coaching from Yodo1's publishing team on how they can take their games to the next level, making them even more successful.

Every current MAS Partner is already eligible to enter the competition; go here to find the full details of how to submit your game today.

What if I’m Not a MAS Partner?

You can still participate! Just register for the competition and integrate MAS into your game before the December 15, 2021 deadline and you will be officially eligible to enter and win these fabulous prizes.

MAS is the world’s best-performing game monetisation platform. By using it you can grow your revenue and get paid quickly, freeing up your time and energy to focus even more on what you do best - making great games.

With MAS, you have access to all the world’s best ad networks and mediators in an easy-to-use single software development kit (SDK) which takes less than an hour to integrate. You can learn how to do it by going here, or contact a Games Growth Specialist to walk you through it.

Do I Have to Pay to Enter?

No! The competition is absolutely free; there is no fee required to participate. So what are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain, so submit your game today and see how far your dreams can take you.

Full details of the competition rules can be found here, or email the company if you need help getting started. They are looking forward to seeing where your creativity will take you - and discovering their next favourite game!