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Roblox acquires app performance start-up PacketZoom to boost output on mobile

PacketZoom Co-founder and CTO Chetan Ahuja will join Roblox at part of the deal
Roblox acquires app performance start-up PacketZoom to boost output on mobile
Date Type Companies Involved Size
Oct 12, 2018 acquisition PacketZoom Roblox Not disclosed
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Children’s gaming platform Roblox has snapped up app performance start-up PacketZoom.

Roblox announced the move on its website, saying it would help ensure that the games mobile iteration would perform consistently well.

According to the kid’s games platform, PacketZoom’s mobile networking solution is designed to overcome the limitations of ‘slow and unreliable’ mobile networks and help provide faster and lower latency data transfers worldwide.


“The team from PacketZoom will help boost Roblox’s networking game engine as the company continues to grow its user base globally,” said Roblox VP of engineering Adam Miller in a blog post.

“Roblox users can expect to join games faster and have an overall better game experience on mobile platforms as the company integrates PacketZoom’s technology and IP.”

As part of the deal, PacketZoom’s CTO Chetan Ahuja and engineering team will join Roblox.

According to Tech Crunch, the deal is all-cash and includes all of PacketZoom’s IP and code, although the acquisition price is unknown. 

The move follows Roblox's $150 million haul from a Series F funding round, which it said would fuel its international expansion through new staff and increased support for more languages and currencies.