Supercell and GungHo celebrate their incredible success with gaming mash ups

Puzzle & Dragons, Clash of Clans and Hay Day love-in

Supercell and GungHo celebrate their incredible success with gaming mash ups
If they weren't such damn nice people, you'd have to wonder if the decision of the two top grossing developers to mash up their IP wasn't just a case of rubbing everyone else's noses in their success.

Perhaps more ironic is the stated aim of the project - cross-promotion - will be ultimately meaningless to the $1.5 billion revenues the three games involvled are currently generating on an annualised basis.

Similarly, while Puzzle and Dragons is big mainly in Japan on iOS and Android, Clash of Clans is massive in the west on iOS-only, and Hay Day's iOS audience is western, but female so unlikely to want to play either an RPG or a strategy PVP game.

Basicall you can probably count the number of people who will be interested in play all three games for fun, not professional reasons, on one hand.

Holding hands, counting money

Nevertheless, both companies seem sincere about their love-in.

"We are very honored to work with GungHo and learn from the masters of free-to-play gaming," said Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen.

"The more time we spend with GungHo, the more we realize how remarkably similar our two companies are. We are deeply committed to helping each other expand into new markets and equally committed to having an incredible amount of fun working together."

"Supercell and GungHo share the same approach to game development so it seemed only natural to collaborate together. We will continuously support each other and our shared vision of delivering fun and exciting gameplay to everyone," added GungHo CEO Kazuki Morishita.

In one, in the other

In terms of the actual promotion, Puzzle & Dragons will incorporate special Clash of Clans content including a themed dungeon and exclusive Clash of Clans monsters. The dungeon will have multiple difficulty levels for players to defeat.

Meanwhile Clash of Clans and Hay Day will feature cross-promotions for Puzzle & Dragons including videos and content in Clash of Clans' Battle Log

The collaboration will launch on 24 June and will run for two weeks.

The two companies will also take to the stage together at Supercell's Free Your Play event in Helsinki on 19 June.

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