Talofa Games secures $6.3 Million to build fitness-focused games

The team will use its newly secured funding to engineer and develop Run Legends as well as create new titles

Date Type Companies involved Size
January 22nd, 2024 investment $6.3m
Talofa Games secures $6.3 Million to build fitness-focused games

Gaming studio Talofa Games has raised $6.3 million after closing its seed round led by Chamaeleon, with participation from A16Z GAMES SPEEDRUN, Basis Set Ventures, Insight Partners, 1Up Ventures, and various other strategic investors.

The VC-backed company that creates cooperative and competitive social fitness games will utilise its newly secured funding to engineer and develop Run Legends, which is currently available on Android and iOS, as well as develop new titles.

Jenny Xu, founder and CEO of Talofa says, “Fitness and gaming do not need to be mutually exclusive, and we are extremely proud to build a game that enables players to improve their health while having fun and playing with friends."

A healthier world

Xu also took to LinkedIn to say, “As a long-distance runner that heard so often that running ‘sucks' or is boring and painful, I set my sights on creating a game experience that makes not just this activity but other forms of wellness compelling and accessible.

“We are thrilled to have so many people who support our vision of creating games and experiences that motivate players to be physically and mentally healthier. We look forward to working with our players to scale this new social fitness experience and create a happier, healthier world.” she added.

Talofa was launched in 2021, after which the team developed its first fitness game Run Legends that can be played synchronously with friends. Players can choose to run or walk to have real-time co-op battles with friends that last for five to 15 minutes and earn rewards.

“Gaming is in a league of its own. It is the ultimate interactive media, and it mixes cutting-edge technology with truly creative and unique content," said Nuno Goncalves Pedro, founder and managing partner at Chameleon. “It is our great pleasure to be able to join Jenny and her team at Talofa on her quest to create positive habits at scale."

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