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Tiltify's Tom Downie joins the podcast to explore the curiosity of giving and the power of play Podcast - gaming for good

With over three billion gamers worldwide, the power of play has never been greater. But how can that attention, that engagement and the sheer amount of time spent playing games be used to make the world a better place?

Monetisation is a topic that comes up repeatedly in PocketGamer - from our news pages to the podcast, but it rarely strays outside the commercial reality of business. This week's podcast moves into a far more generous and beneficial conversation.

Tiltify is a company at the forefront of the 'gaming for good' sector. The company offers a fundraising platform which allows gamers, streamers, influencers and developers to raise money for charity.

In this week's podcast

Tom Downie, Tiltify's UK charity manager joins the podcast team to talk about the company's work, the new opportunities for game creators to build greater engagement with their players, open up new game design ideas and build in donations from the outset.

From the relative generosity of the various social channels to the ways in which game creators can integrate charitable giving into DLC (including a sentient sword which only works on bees!), Tom highlights some of the ways in which the company is helping the games industry give generously.

About our guest

A passionate third sector and charity advocate, Tom has worked with Tiltify since 2019. He's a podcaster and producer for Disrupting Purpose a host and MC of charity events and a consultant on charity innovation, corporate fundraising and event fundraising.

Tiltify is a social fundraising platform that brings together digital communities, charities, and brands to do social good across the globe. With innovative fundraising engagement tools such as polls, milestones & rewards as well as interactive overlays, Tiltify is the #1 charity fundraising platform for digital communities.

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