Digital Turbine invests $10 million into Korean app marketplace ONE Store

Companies partner in South Korea, with plans to expand globally in the near future

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February 8th, 2024 investment Digital Turbine
One Store
Digital Turbine invests $10 million into Korean app marketplace ONE Store

Mobile growth services provider Digital Turbine is investing $10 million into Korean marketplace ONE Storeas part of a new partnership between the two companies.

Digital Turbine said it would embed its SingleTap tech, which enables users to download apps directly from a mobile ad onto their phone, into ONE Store's ecosystem of 40 million+ devices.

While the partnership will start with South Korea, the two firms plan to expand their operations to other gobal markets in the near future.

The firms already have their eye on the European Union, which is set to force platform holders Apple and Google to open up their ecosystems to third-party marketplaces through the Digital Markets Act.

Expanding to other markets

“This partnership will bring DT's unique technology to tens of millions of users and hundreds of app developers in Korea," said Digital Turbine CEO Bill Stone.

“We look forward to building on our partnership with ONE Store in Korea into other parts of the world such as the EU with the pending implementation of the Digital Markets Act next month."

ONE Store CEO Peter Chun added: “Digital Turbine's investment offers a great opportunity for ONE Store to work with an outstanding partner in expanding into global markets.

“We will go beyond being Korea's leading app market to grow into a global player.”

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