Very engaged: Xiaomi's users downloading 26.5 apps per quarter

That's double the rate of App Store and Google Play

Very engaged: Xiaomi's users downloading 26.5 apps per quarter
After adding Google VP Hugo Barra to its payroll last week, the seventh largest Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi reports that its Android app store is encouraging its users to be twice as active as those on the App Store or Google Play.

This line of extrapolation comes from Tech-Thought's Sameer Singh, who set out to examine a vague quote by Xiaomi's CEO Bin Lin.

Lin stridently claimed that "Xiaomi's customers are twice as active on the mobile web as those of other manufacturers" - and after running a quick analysis, Singh found that Lin wasn't wide of the mark.

Working calculation

According to his data, Singh found that Xiaomi users are downloading 26.5 apps per quarter per device, while iOS and Android users are averaging 13-15.

Singh arrived at his figures by working back from Xiaomi's earlier announcement that it has seen 1 billion downloads from its app store in the past 13 months, which has led it to become one of the top five app stores in China.

With 17 million active users in the app store, Singh calculates that it sees 5 million downloads per day which then works down to 26.5 app downloads per quarter for each device.

[source: Tech-Thoughts]

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