Apple loses ground as Android swallows up 97% of India smartphone market in Q2 2016

iOS market share for the quarter fell to 2.4%

Apple loses ground as Android swallows up 97% of India smartphone market in Q2 2016

Android’s share of India's smartphone market has risen to 97% for Q2 2016, according to research firm Strategy Analytics.

The figure represents a record quarter for the highest market share of a mobile OS in the country.

The research focuses on market share of smartphone shipments for the quarter, rather than total market dominance.

A total 29.8 million Android devices were shipped in the country during the last quarter. This represents a growth rate of 28% from the same period in 2015, when 23.2 million units were shipped.

In Q2 2015, Android had a 90% share of the smartphone market.

Not-so big Apple

Apple’s market share nearly halved to 2.4% from 4.5% after the company shipped 800,000 smartphones in India in Q2 2016.

The fall in shipments represents a drop of 35% since the same period in 2015.

“Android dominates the India smartphone market and looks unbeatable right now, due to its deep portfolio of hardware partners, extensive distribution channels, and a wide range of low-cost apps like Gmail,” said Strategy Analytics Executive Director Neil Mawston.

Strategy Analytics Director Woody Oh added: “Apple iOS will need to reduce iPhone pricing to cheaper levels, attract more operator subsidies and enlarge its retail presence through Apple stores or online channels if it wants to regrow significantly in the future.”

You can find the full India Smartphone Vendor and OS Marketshare report here.

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