Sony ForwardWorks reveals first mobile games, partnerships and mixed-reality tech for 2017

A wealth of games for Asia

Sony ForwardWorks reveals first mobile games, partnerships and mixed-reality tech for 2017

Sony has unveiled the games that its recently established mobile studio ForwardWorks is working on for launch in 2017.

Classic PlayStation brands such as Everybody's Golf and PaRappa The Rapper will see mobile titles, with the former due in Spring 2017 on both iOS and Android.

The second title to launch will be No Heroes Allowed! DASH!, a match-3 puzzler with RPG elements. It is expected to be released in summer 2017 on iOS and Android.

Slightly more obscure titles Wild Arms and Arc The Lad will also find their way to mobile. The original teams who worked on the titles will be involved in their development.

Partnering up

Sony ForwardWorks also revealed a partnership with developer Nippon Ichi Software which will see mobile versions of hardcore strategy RPG Disgaea and survival horror Yomawari. Square Enix was also announced as a ForwardWorks partner, but no details were shared on its games.

ForwardWorks will also be working on its own original IP, Sora to Umi no Aida, which appears to be a dating sim with a story about fishers in space.

Finally, ForwardWorks is also working on mixed-reality technology with Project Field. The tech uses real trading cards placed on a separate board, which are then projected onto the mobile device. The first game to use it will be based on the Yo-Kai Watch franchise.

The reveal finally sheds some light on Sony's mobile plans for the first time since it opened ForwardWorks. All titles are being developed for Asia, and there is no word on whether any of these games will see a global release.


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