Mobile grows while PC declines in NCSoft’s Q4 financial results

The Lineage M publisher’s financial results paint a mixed picture for the MMO publisher

Mobile grows while PC declines in NCSoft’s Q4 financial results

Mobile games formed the backbone of Lineage M publisher NCSoft’s financial results for Q4 2018.

The Korean publisher’s latest financial results show a mixed three months for the company. A gradually-growing mobile sector hasn’t been enough to fight back a decline in the firm’s PC gaming efforts.

Continued growth of Lineage M drove mobile games revenue $198.5 million (222.8 billion KRW), a three per cent increase over the last quarter. Mobile games also accounted for 53 per cent of total sales for the MMO publisher.

Stemming the bleeding

Those small successes weren’t quite enough to offset a general downwards trend for NCSoft. Sales this quarter dropped to $356.1 million (399.7 billion KRW), down 25 per cent year-over-year, while operating profit fell 41 per cent year-over-year to $100.3 million (112.6 billion KRW).

With the exception of Aion, all of NCSoft’s PC MMORPGs saw an annual decline. But even Aion fell quarterly, while Lineage 2 is experiencing a resurgence when compared to Q3.

Last November, NCSoft stated it will be releasing five new games in existing franchises throughout 2019. The publisher hopes that these releases will help kickstart growth.

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