Chinese games regulators gave approval to 1,411 games last year

1,311 were domestic games while 97 were imported

Chinese games regulators gave approval to 1,411 games last year

China's games regulator approved 1,411 games throughout 2020.

As detailed on LinkedIn by Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad, 1,311 of these titles were domestic games while 97 were imported.

Moreover, this is a drop from the number of titles approved for distribution the previous year, as 1,570 were given the green light in 2019.

Overall, 1,298 of approved games, or rather 92 per cent of the total, were mobile titles while 78 were for PC. Meanwhile, six were cross-platform, and 29 were for consoles.

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When it came to domestic games, the first five batches of the year achieved roughly 51 approvals each, though this number rose to 77 per time at the tail end of 2020.

Furthermore, Niko Partners believes that the number of approved domestic titles will rise throughout 2021.

However, there was a drop in approved imported games as 97 were green-lighted from three batches. Much like domestic titles, this number is expected to increase this year.

Last year, Apple removed 48,000 games from the Chinese App store due to them not having the appropriate licenses.

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