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Samsung is #1 OEM in China but hardly dominant

Non-Samsung market is three times bigger

Samsung is #1 OEM in China but hardly dominant

Chinese analytics outfit Umeng has been number-crunching.

It's been looking at changes in its domestic market in terms of hardware and software during 2013 to discover the happening trends.

There's plenty to digest - you can see the full report here.

Size is relative

One aspect worth picking up is just how fragmented the Android device market still is it.

In terms of the headlines, this doesn't seem to be the case. Samsung makes six of the top 10 active Android devices and has a 24 percent market share overall.

Top 10 Active Android Devices 2013 Q4

Chinese OEM Xiaomi has a 7 percent market share and its devices fill out the remaining four spots in the top 10 active devices list.

Yet, Huawei and Lenovo actually have a higher market share - 8 percent - while even ignoring OEMs such as Sony, ZTE, Coolpad and HTC, a pie chart breakdown shows that "Other" OEMs have a significantly higher market share than Samsung.

Brand Distribution of Active Android Devices 2013 Q4

This is a market with plenty of changes yet to come.

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