LINE partners with Wandoujia to grow in China

Taking on WeChat in its own back yard

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April 30th, 2014 partnership LINE Corporation
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LINE partners with Wandoujia to grow in China

Given the power of Tencent's WeChat in its domestic Chinese market, it will be hard for other mobile messaging services to compete.

But that's what Japanese outfit LINE is looking to do.

It's been working with Chinese outfit Qihoo 360 over the past 12 months to operate, distribute and promote its messaging service in the country.

Now, however, it's switched providers, signed up with emerging mobile search and distribution outfit Wandoujia.

Walk the line

Alongside marketing and distribution, the new deal will see Wandoujia providing operations and technical support for LINE in China.

LINE will continue to work with Qihoo 360, as well as other big Chinese players such as Baidu, 91, and Alibaba in terms of app distribution.

LINE currently has around 400 million users globally, compared to WeChat's 355 million users, although these are mainly located in China.

[source: TechNode]

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