Frontline Commando 2 marches into China with Chukong

Shooter sequel aiming for success

Frontline Commando 2 marches into China with Chukong

On June 11th, Chukong - a company best known for its professional publishing services and game engine Cocos2d-x - announced a publishing partnership with Glu Mobile for the mobile shooter Frontline Commando 2.

Three years ago, Frontline Commando  broken into the mobile shooting genre. Now, the sequel, Frontline Commando 2  is marching into China, thanks to Chukong.

A good game requires a good publisher

As the largest mobile game company based in China, Chukong Technologies is a leading game developer, international publishing partner and gaming community manager under its Coco and CocoaChina brands.

Chukong has helped some of the world's largest mobile developers navigate the complexities of the Chinese mobile market, as well as publishing many of the most popular mobile titles in China, such as the Fishing Joy  franchise.

Chukong also owns and manages Cocos2d-x, one of the most widely used 2D game engines in the world.

With all these resources, Chukong dedicates itself to building an ecosystem for the industry.

Frontline Commando's performance in China

And already Frontline Commando 2  has achieved top 10 download positions in the US, UK, and Canada.

"We have high requirements for the game we publish - you should even describe them as picky," says Chukong.

"Glu Mobile is strong partner in the industry and Frontline Commando 2  is the kind of game that you don't see very often. We hope we can make it another success in China."

Elite team makes amazing game

The Frontline Commando series is developed by Glu Mobile's Russian development studio.

Compare to its predecessor, Frontline Commando 2 uses a new 3D engine, providing better graphics and viewpoint, which gives a more realistic combat experience.

Players control their character from the third person perspective, with fluent controls. They feel like they are actually in combat.

Shooting up killer drones

"Our ultimate goal is make the players become the hero they want to be and feel like everything is real," the development team explains.

New story, new weapons, and new challenge

In Frontline Commando 2, players head back to the modern battlefield, facing higher challenges.

The storyline is also deeper, and a squad system has been added, in which player can build their own dream team. There are more weapons and items for different strategies too.

"This not only gives you more options, but the introduction of special items such as grenades and RPGs is crucial for the gameplay, and more exciting," says one excited player.

One of Frontline Commando 2's item upgrade system

In addition, players can share their scores with friends, invite them for a head-to-head game, and collect daily rewards with the new social network and PvP system.

There are few shooting mobile games with such a social network system, which makes Frontline Commando 2 more unique.

About Glu Mobile

Glu Mobile (NASDAQ:GLUU) is a leading global developer and publisher of free-to-play games for smartphone and tablet devices. Glu is focused on creating compelling original IP games such as Gun Bros., Deer Hunter, Blood & Glory and Samurai vs. Zombies Defense on a wide rnage of platforms including iOS, Androdi, Windows Phone and Mac OS.

Glu's unique technology platform enables its titles to be accessible to a broad audience of consumers globally.

Founded in 2001, Glu is headquartered in San Francisco with teams outside Seattle and in Canada, China, India, Korea and Russia.

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