Capcom sees mobile and console as two separate markets

But crossover success not ruled out

Capcom sees mobile and console as two separate markets

Venerable Japanese gaming powerhouse Capcom considers smartphones and consoles as two different markets - but it's not adverse to trying its hand at crossovers.

This is all according Yoshinori Ono, Capcom's deputy head of consumer games development, who laid out his division's plans for the year ahead.

"Capcom is currently targeting three main markets: Japan, North America and Europe, and Asia. The challenge for us now is determining the best way to adapt our approach for delivering services in each regional market."

Ono then continued, "recently the income gap has widened in certain areas, and there are differences in the attitudes people have towards games, so we need to adapt our services to fit the needs of each group."

Playing the field

If - and how - Capcom will find success in this approach lies in how it approaches future mobile and console releases which are, according to Ono, two separate fields.

"Capcom will definitely work to adapt itself to all fields. If we can launch hit packaged games for smartphones/tablet devices or hit smartphone titles for packaged games, we'll see the different groups of gamers grow even more."

Despite Capcom's stable of IP, however, Ono noted this won't be an easy task to accomplish.

"However, whether a hit packaged game enjoys the same amount of success in the smartphone market is a completely different ball game. The most important thing is to accurately recognize the precise needs of the target market and users."

Ono's comments follow a pair of letters by Capcom's CEO Kenzo Tsujimoto and its COO Haruhiro Tsujimoto which outlined its five year plan to get to grips with mobile.

[source: Capcom]

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