CJ E&M gets mobile publishing rights for ChronoBlade in Asia

nWay's Ouya actioneer going mobile later in 2014

CJ E&M gets mobile publishing rights for ChronoBlade in Asia

Flagship Ouya game ChronoBlade has an exclusive mobile publishing deal in Asia.

US developer nWay has signed up with Korean powerhouse CJ E&M - specifically its gaming arm - CJ E&M Netmarble.

It has the exclusive rights for the wave-based and PVP brawler on iOS and Android in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, southeast Asia, the Middle East, and northern Africa.

Currently available in a beta form on Ouya and on Facebook, ChronoBlade is due for mobile release later in 2014.

Carry a big stick

"Action RPG is the next big genre for mobiles games world wide. It has already started in Asia with CJ E&M's lead and will eventually proliferate across other regions," said nWay's CEO Taehoon Kim.

"Our partnership with CJ E&M Netmarble will help accelerate the success of action-oriented, real-time multiplayer games on mobile platforms world wide."

"We're happy about partnering with nWay, a studio with the technical expertise to strengthen our lead in the mid-core RPG genre on mobile," said CJ E&M Netmarble CEO Young Gi Cho.


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