Marblex partners with CARV to deliver data-driven Web3 experiences

Netmarble’s blockchain company Marblex to be elevated by CARV’s data capabilities

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March 21st, 2024 investment Netmarble Not disclosed
Marblex partners with CARV to deliver data-driven Web3 experiences

Gaming and AI modular data layer CARV has partnered with Netmarble’s blockchain company Marblex to unlock new insights into user behaviour in Web2 and Web3 games.

Looking across platforms and devices, the partnership aims to bring about "heightened global engagement" from players and a number of other benefits, such as the expanding of Marblex’s ability to reach Web3 users.

Web3 dealings

CARV’s ecosystem currently comprises 2.2 million gamers on mobile, console and PC across Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Europe. Gamer data gathered is sourced in a way compliant with mobile security requirements and has helped CARV secure partnerships with Ronin, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Linea and other Web3 names. CARV has been through a "period of great growth" with ERC-7231, a protocol approved by Ethereum seeking to redefine data ownership.

The company's main mission is to empower users with "data self-sovereignty", having built two main ecosystems to achieve this: CARV Protocol and CARV Play. The first is an incentivised data sharing platform while the latter is an AI-powered "super app" spanning social elements, credentialing and publishing games.

"Understanding our users is central to our role as game creators and ecosystem builders. Partnering with CARV and its comprehensive data layer empowers us to provide personalised experiences through active data sharing, aligning our offerings even more closely with user preferences," said Marblex CEO Jin Pyo-Hong.

"Marblex is a gaming and blockchain pioneer and we’re thrilled to elevate the company’s data capabilities in the dynamic landscape of Web3," said CARV co-founder Victor Yu. "Identifying the right audience - particularly in a compliant and ethical manner - is paramount for transitioning gamers from Web2 to Web3. We're eager to collaborate with Marblex in achieving precisely that."

The partnership with Marblex follows Netmarble's stronger 2023, landing itself as Korea's second-biggest mobile publisher with net losses falling by 65%.

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