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Sep 14th, 2021 acquisition Azur Games
Not disclosed
Azur Games acquires minority stake in Neosus for $2.2 million
Sep 15th, 2021 partnership Tribe Gaming
Lightfox Games
Not applicable
Lightfox Games partners with Tribe Gaming in Knight’s Edge
Sep 14th, 2021 investment as Bitkraft Ventures
Galaxy Interactive
Blockchain gaming platform Immutable raises $60 million
Sep 14th, 2021 acquisition Sumo Digital
Auroch Digital
Sumo Group acquires Auroch Digital for $8.3 million
Sep 13th, 2021 acquisition Stillfront Group
Stillfront Group acquires Jordan-based gaming startup Jawaker for $205 million
Sep 9th, 2021 partnership Discovery Education
The Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship
Not applicable
Venture Valley dev partners with Discovery Education
Sep 9th, 2021 investment 1Up Ventures
Toya Games
Toya raises $4 million following Miraculous Ladybug Roblox success
Sep 8th, 2021 partnership as Tilting Point
Not applicable
Tilting Point partners with Huya to bring SpongeBob: Krusty Cook-Off to China
Sep 7th, 2021 acquisition Ludia
Jam City
Jam City raises $350 million and acquires Ludia for $165 million
Sep 6th, 2021 acquisition Playright Games
Qiiwi Games
Qiiwi Games acquires Playright Games for $1.1 million
Sep 6th, 2021 acquisition Azerion
Not disclosed
Azerion acquires French digital advertising company Sublime
Sep 3rd, 2021 investment Sisu Game Ventures
Multiscription secures $800,000 for F2P game subscription service Unleashd
Sep 2nd, 2021 investment Play Ventures
In-game audio ad platform Odeeo raise $1 million in seed funding
Sep 2nd, 2021 investment Gigantic Duck $1.2m
Swedish dev Gigantic Duck raises $1.2 million in seed funding
Sep 1st, 2021 investment Green Grey
Infusion Games
Green Grey invests $2.5 million into Infusion Games’ upcoming projects
Sep 1st, 2021 acquisition as Playtika
Playtika snap up Redecor dev Reworks for up to $600 million
Aug 31st, 2021 investment as Lumikai
Studio Sirah
Studio Sirah raises $830,000 for India-first midcore mobile games
Aug 31st, 2021 investment Nifty Games
Courtside Ventures
Vulcan Capital
Nifty Games gains $38 million in new funding for its mobile sports games
Aug 27th, 2021 investment as Skycatcher LLC
1Up Ventures
Indian midcore dev SuperGaming raises $5.5 million Series A funding
Aug 26th, 2021 acquisition Azerion
Not disclosed
Azerion acquires Swedish mobile advertising firm Keymobile
Aug 24th, 2021 merger Vungle
Not disclosed
Vungle and Liftoff merge to create end-to-end mobile adtech
Aug 24th, 2021 acquisition Sideplay Entertainment Limited
Scientific Games
Not disclosed
Scientific Games acquires instant win developer Sideplay Entertainment
Aug 20th, 2021 partnership Voodoo
Electric Manta
Not disclosed
Electric Manta and Voodoo agree long-term publishing partnership
Aug 20th, 2021 investment as Andreessen Horowitz
Yield Guild Gaming
Play-to-earn gaming community Yield Guild raises $4.6 million
Aug 18th, 2021 partnership as Voodoo
Storms Publishing
Not disclosed
Storms launch new game studio and partner with Voodoo
Aug 17th, 2021 partnership App Annie
Not disclosed
App Annie and CrazyLabs partner for hypercasual game challenge with a $300,000 minimum guarantee
Aug 18th, 2021 acquisition Demiurge Studios
SmartPhone Labs
Embracer Group
Fractured Byte
Not disclosed
More acquisitions made by Embracer with Demiurge Studios, Fractured Byte and SmartPhone Labs
Aug 18th, 2021 investment Transcend Fund
Kings of Games
Not disclosed
Kings of Games secures funding for Chess Universe
Aug 17th, 2021 acquisition ROBLOX
Not disclosed
Updated: Roblox acquires online communities platform Guilded for $90 million
Aug 16th, 2021 acquisition as Rolocule Games
Dream Sports
Not disclosed
Dream Sports acquires Indian mobile developer Rolocule Games
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