Hear from the experts - eight fabulous fireside chats from PGC London 2024

At PGC London 2024 HyprMX sat down with the thought leaders, pioneers, creators and execs who are shaping mobile games. Here are eight of our favourites

Hear from the experts - eight fabulous fireside chats from PGC London 2024

PGC London 2024 was the tenth anniversary of the world's favourite mobile games show (though we may be a little biased). It brought together more creators, developers, publishers and businesses from around the world than ever before. What better place for HyprMX, the ad network which brings brand ads to mobile apps, to sit down and talk to the speakers, exhibitors, and delegates who are changing the mobile games world.

The intimate Fireside Chats introduce founders, CEOs, senior leaders and ask them about the tech and trends changing the whole games ecosystem; their companies, business challenges - and of course, their games.

This collection features conversations with: MY.GAMES, Smartie Pants, GameBiz Consulting, X3M, Space Ape Games, Product Madness, DECA Games and Supercell.


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  • 1 My.Games

    My.Games logo

    Elena Grigorian, CEO

    Elena talks to Dylan from HyprMX about her journey in games, her role as CEO, the incredible work My.GAMES is doing and the company's goals for new product and IP.

  • 2 Smartie Pants

    Smartie Pants logo

    Zdravka Dimitrova, Business Development Lead

    Zdravka and Dylan discuss her role at Smartie Pants and the company's work in the rapidly evolving monetisation space, relationship with Halfbrick and how they're helping developers make more money.

  • 3 GameBiz Consulting

    GameBiz Consulting logo

    Bozo Jankovic, Head of Ad Monetization

    A regular contributor to the Fireside Chats, Bozo talks to Dylan about the changes we saw across 2023 and the challenges - and opportunities - for game creators in the year ahead.

  • 4 X3M

    X3M logo

    Ignacio Ortiz, Co Founder & COO

    Lexi sits down with Ignacio to discuss the incredible world of ad-tech and how X3M is staying ahead of the game by bringing its best-in-class platform to the biggest publishers in the market.

  • 5 Space Ape Games

    Space Ape Games logo

    Simon Hade, Co-Founder

    Dylan and Simon talk careers, the growth of Space Ape Games and a day in the life of the co-founder of one of the most exciting mobile games studios working today.

  • 6 Product Madness

    Product Madness logo

    Piyush Mishra, Director, Growth Marketing

    Piyush returns to the HyprMX fireside to talk to Lexi about his role as head of growth marketing, the biggest challenges Product Madness - and the industry - have faced in 2023 and the opportunities for 2024 and beyond.

  • 7 DECA Games

    DECA Games logo

    DECA Games - Stephen Lee, Head of Business Development

    Dylan and Stephen discuss DECA's quest to bring new life to free-to-play games which have future potential. From a day-in-the-life to the value of analytics, Stephen brings a new perspective to the lifespan of a mobile game.

  • 8 Supercell

    Supercell logo

    Maya Hofree, General Manager, Hay Day

    After creating some of the most successful games in the world, Supercell is reinventing itself to remain at the forefront of the games ecosystem. Dylan and Maya discuss the company's challenges, the evolution of Hay Day and why 'nothing bad ever happens'. regularly posts content from a variety of guest writers across the games industry. These encompass a wide range of topics and people from different backgrounds and diversities, sharing their opinion on the hottest trending topics, undiscovered gems and what the future of the business holds.