233 Playground - the first step for your game in China

MetaApp's platform can help you navigate publishing hurdles in Asia

233 Playground - the first step for your game in China

Publishing your game in China can be a particularly tricky experience. There are plenty of obstacles that you need to navigate and a good deal of problems that you're going to need to overcome. Without on-the-ground knowledge and support from a Chinese company you could find yourself failing before you've even begun. That's where MetaApp and its platform, 233 Playground, comes in.

There are three massive hurdles facing developers when they're trying to break into the Chinese market. First, there are the Chinese regulations that govern every game released in the country. The most important of these involves acquiring an ISBN, a license that every game needs. If you don't acquire an ISBN, then your game is going to get pulled from whatever app store it's on.

Then there are the difficulties surrounding monetisation. Overseas SDK aren't supported in China, which means you're going to need a local solution. Last, but by no means least, there's the problem with stores stealing games and releasing them without authorisation - you're going to need to know how to protect your IP if you want to succeed.

That's an awful lot to take in, and that's all before you start to consider the policies that concern gaming specifically. Without the correct guidance, breaking into China can be like navigating a minefield blindfolded. Luckily, 233 Playground offers solutions for these problems, giving developers the best chance to succeed in the ever-growing Chinese mobile gaming market.

What can 233 Playground offer?

233 Playground has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the ins and outs of the latest game policy in China, and it can also help global developers when they're applying for that all-important ISBN. Having that local connection is a massively important part of the process of making it big in the Chinese gaming market.

On top of that, 233 Playground is the top Android mobile gaming store in China, and represents a fantastic first step for overseas developers who want to test their games on the Chinese market. The store boasts 180 million users, with 10 million DAU and 40 million MAU. Those are the sort of numbers that you just can't ignore.

One worry in China is the handfuls of publishers and platforms that might attempt to steal your game. To counter this, 233 Playground has an exceptional team of legal experts behind the platform, based in China. This makes it easy for us to help overseas developers wherever they are, and our legal team has the authority to quickly and efficiently take care of any company that might try to plagiarise your IP for profit.

And the platform is designed to be exceedingly developer-friendly. There's a free Chinese localization service that'll ensure that every part of your game is tweaked and tuned to appeal to Chinese players. There's a deep well of organic users that will be pushed towards your game as well, thanks to 233 Playground's innovative and unique recommendation algorithm.

The algorithm is designed to point users towards the experiences that they're going to enjoy the most, and it's built around the data of a large number of users. This cuts down on the costs usually associated with UA. 233 Playground is designed so gamers are always nudged towards the experiences that are going to resonate the most strongly with them.

Perhaps the most interesting part of the whole 233 Playground infrastructure is that it offers users instant play of the titles on its store. Instead of having to download a game, players can dive straight in from the store. This allows a clearer picture of playtime and retention. Developers can get really granular information about their players, right down to the second, giving them a better picture of what's working and what isn't in their game.

All inclusive package

233 Playground offers a package designed from the ground up to help developers looking to succeed in China. From localisation, through monetisation, publishing and CPS, it's there to protect you from the common pitfalls and traps waiting for developers that are attempting to break into one of the most lucrative mobile markets in the world.

Throw in the innovative instant launch and play technology, a recommendation system that's built on data from billions of users and an integrated playground that lets users pick from 30,000 different games from a single app and it's easy to see why developers have given 233 Playground 96 per cent positive feedback. After all, it's a platform that has developers first and foremost in its mind.

233 Playground is now open to developers from around the world, and it's always on the lookout for new companies to work with. For more information and to discuss the potential for collaboration, drop an email to

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