MTG-owned Ninja Kiwi acquires Legion TD 2 developer AutoAttack Games

"We couldn't imagine a better group of people to partner with," said AutoAttack CEO and founder Brent Batas

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April 16th, 2024 acquisition Ninja Kiwi Not disclosed
MTG-owned Ninja Kiwi acquires Legion TD 2 developer AutoAttack Games

Modern Time Group's game studio Ninja Kiwi has acquired Legion TD 2 developer AutoAttack Games.

Established in 2014 by Brent Batas and joined by Julian Gari in 2016, together they've co-led the US-based company for eight years.

AutoAttack Games is known for its Legion TD mod for Warcraft III. The company also oversees the development, marketing, and community engagement for Legion TD 2, with support from a small team.

Legion TD 2 boasts a vibrant and dedicated player community which aligns with Ninja Kiwi's values. The game sees ongoing growth through frequent updates, and AutoAttack Games has also commenced development on a new game within the Legion franchise.

A common love for the tower defense genre

Ninja Kiwi CEO Scott Walker says, “We love the deep gameplay and the rich single and multiplayer challenges players have in Legion TD 2. We also feel that there is a close alignment between us at Ninja Kiwi and Brent and Julian when it comes to our love of the Tower Defense genre."

AutoAttack CEO and founder Brent Batas also shared his excitement about the partnership as he says, “The more we got to know Ninja Kiwi, the more it became clear that we shared a passion not only for crafting awesome games, but also for investing in and supporting our communities for the long haul."

“Combined with Ninja Kiwi's industry-leading presence in the Tower Defense space, we couldn't imagine a better group of people to partner with," Batas added.

We interviewed Ninja Kiwi co-founders who shared that prior to their MTG acquisition, “We’ve certainly had conversations with people by whom we've been very glad to have been acquired.”

The company will continue to strengthen and expand the Bloons TD universe especially with the AutoAttack acquisition.

MTG on the move

Modern Times Group, has had quite a past year growing its portfolio of evergreen games with continued investments within the industry. In November 2023 MTG took 100% ownership of PlaySimple, and earlier in the year, it was announced that the company was expanding its gaming village with the acquisition of Snowprint Studios, the team behind Warhammer 40,000: Tacticus.

"All the stars aligned. Now it’s full steam ahead!" MTG's CEO Maria Redin told us back in November 2023.

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