War Robots blasts past $900 million as shooter celebrates 10 years since launch

Mobile title has attracted more than 270 million registered players to date

War Robots blasts past $900 million as shooter celebrates 10 years since launch

Pixonic's War Robots has shot past $900 million in global player spending as the title celebrates the 10th anniversary since its launch in April 2014.

As well as hitting the revenue milestone, the third-person shooter has attracted more than 270 million registered players during its lifetime. In 2023 alone, it accumulated 28 million installs.

War Robots currently has “up to” five million monthly users and approximately 600k daily users, the company said.

10 years later

At launch, the game featured six robots, nine weapons and one map. As of 2024, it includes 83 robots, 15 titans, 149 weapons, 106 legendary pilots, 14 maps, PvP and PvE game modes and other features.

Pixonic said its live ops support means the title receives “at least nine major updates” every year. War Robots was recently launched in China in partnership with publisher iDreamSky, a release the company said it has been working toward for five years.

According to AppMagic estimates, it has generated $7.6 million on the country’s App Store alone over the past four months.

“War Robots is a unique example of the game that not only successfully performs for 10 years in a very competitive market, but continues to grow year to year,” said My.Games CEO Elena Grigorian.

“We are very pleased with these results and the fact that, even after years, we have been able to continue to unlock the potential of the project and enter new markets – China, for example”.

War Robots was developed by Pixonic and was originally known as Walking War Robots. Pixonic was acquired in 2016 by - which has since been renamed as VK Company - for $30 million. The studio now operates under its parent company's My.Games division.

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