My.Games' Tacticool reaches 30 million downloads milestone with $75 million in revenue

More than 1 billion users are registered in My.Games’ titles across its library

My.Games' Tacticool reaches 30 million downloads milestone with $75 million in revenue

My.Games’ third-person shooter game Tacticool has reached a new set of milestones – surpassing 30 million downloads and $75 million in revenue. This lands Tacticool in the top five of My.Games’ library in terms of performance, out of more than 70 active games.

Across the company’s portfolio of games, it has more than one billion registered players and continues to grow with cross-platform support across PC and mobile.

My.Games' Rush Royale recently hit its highest ever level of player engagement and surpassed $230 million in revenue, doubling its growth in the US. This success was primarily attributed to a two-month in-game event that took place in partnership with one particular online influencer.

Interaction is key

Tacticool is an isometric co-op 5v5 shooter for iOS, Android and PC, whose success My.Games attributes to a combination of fast vehicle-based gameplay and a realistic physics engine; the game’s 19 maps can be interacted with – and their environments destroyed – to add an extra tactical element and variety to the gameplay

Furthermore, players are able to "eliminate" the competition with whatever they find, with more than 80 types of weapons and equipment total.

The game’s community currently comprises 800 clans around the world, with strategies able to be coordinated by players via the voice chat function.

"Tacticool is one of My.Games’ top performing games for good reason - it’s one of the most intense mobile shooters, constantly challenging players’ skills with four minute matches unfolding in varied levels and locations that change during the game, making it full of surprises," said My.Games CEO Vladimir Nikolsky.

"The creative spirit of the developer team and continued support from the players means Tacticool will continue to grow and evolve, with exciting new game elements in development, and plenty more to announce over the coming months."

We spoke with Elena Grigoryan in June about My.Games’ new global outlook following a period of restructuring and reorganisation.

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