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Date Type Companies involved Key Datapoint
Apr 3rd, 2024 Newzoo 72% of women play video games
72% of women play video games with half of female players being payers
Feb 29th, 2024 other Steel Media Ltd MENA Games Market Report
MENA games market continues to outpace global growth as it surpasses $7 billion in revenue
Mar 27th, 2024 milestone FreePlay 1.5 billion downloads
Hypercasual developer FreePlay surpasses 1.5 billion downloads
Mar 26th, 2024 report Anzu
Intrinsic ads make players 5% more likely to consider in-game spending
Mar 26th, 2024 report Mistplay 32% spending cutback
32% of spending players in mobile games plan to cut back in 2024
Mar 25th, 2024 milestone Activision Blizzard $2.2 million
Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile generates $1.4m in first four days
Mar 20th, 2024 report Flexion Mobile £5 million gross profit
Flexion revenue climbs 64% as Epic gives the gaming market a "boost of confidence"
Mar 19th, 2024 report Adjust
Hybridcasual generates 800% more revenue per user than hypercasual
Mar 13th, 2024 report Unity 10% rise in multiplayer spend
Multiplatform and multiplayer games overtake single format and single player
Mar 18th, 2024 report Huuuge Games $87.3 million
Huuuge Games' profits up 35.1% in 2023 despite falling revenue and DAU
Mar 12th, 2024 report SYBO Games
71% benefit from AI
Game development time slowed in 2023 despite AI tech, but 71% celebrate its strengths
Mar 13th, 2024 report Unity In-app ad revenue up 26.7%
In-app purchases decline but ad revenues is up 26.7% despite falling player retention
Mar 13th, 2024 milestone Scopely $2 billion
Monopoly GO makes $2 billion in 10 months with "less than a quarter" of that spent on UA
Mar 13th, 2024 milestone
Bandai Namco
Dream Games
45 million downloads
One-Punch Man World and NBA Infinite are this February's app ranking breakout stars
Mar 11th, 2024 report GlobalData $195 billion
Mobile games expertise a "must-have" as sector projected to generate $195 billion by 2030
Mar 7th, 2024 milestone Capcom
$150 million
Monster Hunter Now climbs to $150 million in time for six month anniversary
Mar 7th, 2024 anniversary Supersonic Studios 4.98 billion installs
Hypercasual powerhouse Supersonic verges on five billion downloads in its first four years
Mar 6th, 2024 report Liftoff
ATT continues taking a toll: The cheapest CPI on Apple still costs more than the priciest on Android
Mar 6th, 2024 other Hoyoverse $180.3 million
Honkai: Star Rail’s monthly revenue doubles while Genshin Impact slips back
Mar 6th, 2024 report as
India on track to become a leading gaming hub as esports players hit 2.5m in 2024
Mar 4th, 2024 report as NetEase $11.5 billion revenue in 2023
Eggy Party helps drive NetEase games revenue up 9.4% to $11.5 billion in 2023
Mar 4th, 2024 milestone as NetEase 500 million players
NetEase’s Eggy Party reaches 500 million players in under two years
Mar 4th, 2024 report
Brazil's games industry increases number of studios and staff in spite of layoffs trend
Feb 29th, 2024 report Quantum Tech Partners Deal value down 69%
Gaming M&As down 43% year-on-year while deal value falls 69%
Feb 26th, 2024 milestone Gametion 1 billion Play Store downloads
Ludo King surpasses 1 billion Play Store downloads in meteoric moment for Indian games industry
Feb 22nd, 2024 report Liftoff 2024 App Marketer Survey
What game marketers need to know about driving user acquisition through ad campaigns
Feb 22nd, 2024 report Thunderful $59 million net loss
Thunderful lost $59 million in 2023 after Q4 profit fell 574%
Feb 21st, 2024 report New game spend up $7 million
More games are making millions as player spending on 2023 releases soars
Feb 21st, 2024 report
Venture capital funding set to remain subdued through 2024
Feb 21st, 2024 report Adjust
6% revenue increase
ATT consent reached 39% in 2023 as racing games turbo-charged installs
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