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Dec 5th, 2023 report
700% more Play Store downloads
Q3's biggest genres saw 700% more downloads on Google Play than Apple App Store
Dec 4th, 2023 report Sensor Tower $2.1 billion
Hybridcasual conquers the $2 billion mark in 2023
Nov 29th, 2023 report Ukie £1.3 billion
Video games add £1.3 billion to UK economy in "spillover technology"
Nov 29th, 2023 milestone Riot Games $50 million
Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund raises $50 million in five years for charities, education and more
Nov 28th, 2023 report Ten Square Games $8.5 million adjusted EBITDA
Ten Square Games sees record quarterly growth with Hunting Clash MAU up 82%
Nov 28th, 2023 report Google
$7.5 billion by FY2028
Are core games the road to success? 49% yearly revenue growth projected in India until 2028
Nov 27th, 2023 milestone Bluepoch $15 million
Bluepoch’s debut time travel game Reverse: 1999 reaches $15 million
Nov 23rd, 2023 report Adjust
Adjust and TikTok boast 220% iOS app conversion leap with SKAdNetwork 4
Nov 23rd, 2023 report Huuuge Games 80% adjusted net profit rise
Huuuge Games’ adjusted net profit rose 80% in the first three quarters of 2023
Nov 22nd, 2023 report Niko Partners $47.8 billion
China’s gaming rebound is go and on track for $47.8 billion revenue this year
Nov 22nd, 2023 report SuperScale
Almost half of all mobile games are axed in development and 83% don’t last three years
Nov 16th, 2023 report Xsolla Realtime Payments Rising
Xsolla releases first ever State Of Play report, offering insight into the future of mobile games
Nov 20th, 2023 report NetEase $2.3 billion
NetEase profits up 23.4% as Justice and Racing Master drive strong Q3
Nov 20th, 2023 milestone Blizzard Entertainment
Warcraft Rumble hits $14m
Warcraft Rumble scores nearly $14 million in first two weeks
Nov 15th, 2023 milestone Hasbro
$1 billion
Monopoly Go changes the game with a record-breaking $1 billion in seven months
Nov 16th, 2023 report Embracer Group $1 billion Q2 sales
Embracer's Q2 sales up 13%... but 900 employees are out
Nov 16th, 2023 report AppsFlyer
Ad networks down in 2023, with only four of the top 20 players showing an increase
Nov 15th, 2023 milestone Wooga GmbH
$1 billion
June’s Journey’s $1billion revenue makes German gaming history
Nov 15th, 2023 report TIGA
68% of UK games developers are suffering from skill shortages
Nov 14th, 2023 report Gacha Life 2 10.2m downloads
Gacha Life 2 was October's breakout star while Mortal Kombat: Onslaught gets ready to rule
Nov 14th, 2023 report Gravity $130 million
Gravity’s mobile revenues rise 95.7% YoY with worldwide Ragnarok success
Nov 14th, 2023 report Nexon $793 million group revenue
Nexon’s Q3 2023 smashes records with 78% revenue rise in North America and Europe
Nov 13th, 2023 report British Film Institute
BFI: More than 50% of UK games developers are now owned by overseas entities
Nov 13th, 2023 report Tencent
GOAT Games
$1.91 billion
Top Chinese publishers accounted for 38.7% of October’s mobile revenue
Nov 8th, 2023 Supercell
Supersonic Studios
Build a Queen’s download dominance highlights app store disparity
Nov 8th, 2023 report InGameJob
Values Value
The Big Games Industry Employment Survey explores salaries, satisfaction and AI use across Europe
Nov 8th, 2023 report Square Enix 5.3% net sales rise
Square Enix’s IPs may be flagging on mobile but net sales are 5.3% up
Nov 7th, 2023 report Xsolla Mobile ad spend is projected t
China generated over $42 billion in mobile user spend in 2023
Nov 6th, 2023 report Sega
Sega Sammy Holdings
Sega Sammy Group teases first "Rovio x Sega" mobile game
Nov 3rd, 2023 report Nexon
Sensor Tower
South Korean in-app purchases
South Korea’s in-app purchase revenue has reached almost $3.6 billion in the year to date
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