Intrinsic ads make players 5% more likely to consider in-game spending

Anzu and Happydemics find intrinsic ads to have the highest recall rate, brand identification and purchase consideration

Intrinsic ads make players 5% more likely to consider in-game spending

Intrinsic in-game ads make players 5% more likely to consider a purchase due to the "premium nature" of their placement and the power of recall, according to a new report.

Anzu and Happydemics have released The Full-Funnel Impact of Intrinsic In-Game Ads report, built upon a global study of 110 in-game brand campaigns. It also leverages Happydemics’ database to compare data against 600 advertisers, 60 industries and 30 formats.

Intrinsic power

Intrinsic in-game ads beat the online media average by 5% in purchase consideration, by 13% in ad recall, and by 11% in brand identification.

The report’s results found over 45% of people could recall an intrinsic in-game ad, while roughly 35% could recall an online video ad, both of which are above the digital media average of approximately 33%. Display and CTV ads fell slightly below this average at roughly 30%.

Anzu suggested intrinsic ads benefitted from their non-interruptive appearance on-screen, meaning engagement is not reduced and the ads themselves "become part of the action at the point where the player is most engaged".

Notably, intrinsic ads are also above the average for gamers’ interest in them, as is CTV - outperforming video ads in this metric. Intrinsic ads also give the greatest "brand recognition uplift", followed by CTV, according to the report.

Lastly, the study revealed online video ads are the least likely ad format to boost purchase consideration, at only roughly 17% due to their disruptive nature. CTV, display and intrinsic ads come out above the online media average, meanwhile, with intrinsic in-game ads on top yet again at approximately 23%.

"This study demonstrates the media value that in-game advertising can drive as a standalone channel and what part it can play in omnichannel campaigns," said Anzu EVP of marketing and strategy Natalia Vasilyeva.

Happydemics CMO Virginie Chesnais added: "Understanding the impact of intrinsic in-game as a marketing channel will help advertisers looking to invest in what is still a saturated and fragmented media landscape. The results from this study showcase intrinsic in-game’s unique ability to effectively reach audiences in non-disruptive ways and also drive strong purchase intent."


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