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Platform barriers tumble down as almost half of gamers play across devices

PC, console, and mobile divides are fading as 47% of players enjoy playing their favourite games across multiple platforms

Platform barriers tumble down as almost half of gamers play across devices

A new report has revealed that the barrier between PC, console, and mobile gaming is fading, as nearly half of gamers (47%) enjoy playing games across multiple platforms.

Also - notably - the top games across PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Switch are all over seven years old with Fortnite, Roblox and Call of Duty amongst the most played games.

This comes from a new report by market research firm Newzoo which shows that the average age of titles on PC is 9.6 years, while on PlayStation and Xbox it is 7.4 years and 7.2 years respectively.

Switch games are the youngest on the list with an average age of 3.9 years with The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Minecraft and Super Mario Bros. Wonder leading the charge.

Starfield is the only single-player game to make the top 10 games list on Xbox and PlayStation. Furthermore, just 66 titles made up 80% of all playtime in 2023, with 60% spent on games six years or older. Five old games, including Fortnite and Minecraft, accounted for 27% of total playtime.

Mobile expansion pays off

Call of Duty's move to mobile has widened its global audience, with 40% of players aged 10-20 and 40% female among mobile gamers. Console players make up 47%, PC 29%, and mobile 33%. Despite an overall male majority, mobile has seen increased female representation.

EA FC's mobile expansion targets regions with avid football fans but fewer PC and console gamers. PC gamers represent 31%, Console 43% (PlayStation 26%, Xbox 41%), and mobile 27%. Age demographics are consistent, with males comprising 71% and females 29% across all platforms.


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