Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile generates $1.4m in first four days

Shooter launched globally on March 21st after racking up more than 50 million pre-registrations

Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile generates $1.4m in first four days

Activision's Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile has generated $1.4 million in its first four days since official global launch on March 21st, 2024, according to AppMagic data estimates.

Including revenue from March 20th, with the title appearing to launch early in some territories, the title racked up an extra $200k to bring player spending to $1.6 million over five days.

Since first entering soft launch in December 2022, Call of Duty Warzone: Mobile has accumulated $2.2 million in lifetime revenue to date. The US has been the biggest market, accounting for 47% of spend, or $1.1 million.

The next biggest spender, Chile, is far behind at $202,500, or 9% of the game’s earnings. Australia and Germany tie for third place at 8% of total revenue each, or approximately $360,000 between the two.

The battle begins

Warzone is off to a slower start than its forebearer, Call of Duty: Mobile. That title, developed in collaboration with Tencent's Timi Studio, generated $4.2 million in its first four days, according to AppMagic.

Since October 2019, Activision itself claims that Call of Duty: Mobile has gone on to generate more than $3 billion in revenue, with net bookings and engagement still stable as of summer 2023.

The title has helped grow the franchise’s mobile playerbase significantly, as half of all Call of Duty engagement is now said to be on mobile, which goes some way to explaining Warzone: Mobile’s meteoric 50 million pre-registrations.

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