Hypercasual developer FreePlay surpasses 1.5 billion downloads

The company's portfolio has generated 500 million installs during the last year alone

Hypercasual developer FreePlay surpasses 1.5 billion downloads

Hypercasual developer and publisher FreePlay (AIBY Group) has surpassed 1.5 billion downloads across its games portfolio in four years.

The company said it had racked up one third of those installs during the past year alone. That figure matched the 500 million downloads it generated in 2022.

Genre diversity

FreePlay was founded in 2020 as a hypercasual specialist and has since grown its portfolio to 20 games. Its titles include Count Masters, Fidget Toys Trading, Snake Run Race and Twerk Race 3D.

Snake Run Race ranked in the top 10 games by mobile performance in the US last year, according to The mobile title was one of three hypercasual games FreePlay approved to publish in 2022 out of more than 70 tested games.

A challenging market - with issues such as ATT impacting the hypercasual market and user acquisition as a whole - has seen FreePlay shift its focus from hypercasual to hybridcasual and casual titles, games that it expects to launch globally soon.

"Diversifying our game portfolio into new genres mitigates risks and reaches a wider audience," said FreePlay CEO Evgeniy Sidorov.

"We apply well-proven strategies from our flagship titles to these new projects - meticulous attention to all aspects and simultaneous audience expansion, while enhancing the quality of our games. Achieving 1.5 billion downloads is an excellent reward and motivation for us as a company striving to win over players’ hearts."


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