My.Games' Grand Hotel Mania reaches four-year anniversary and hits $100m in revenue

Grand Hotel Mania joins a highly performing game catalogue including Rush Royale and Left to Survive

My.Games' Grand Hotel Mania reaches four-year anniversary and hits $100m in revenue

Mobile game publisher My.Games has seen their title Grand Hotel Mania break its four-year anniversary and hit $100m in revenue.

Grand Hotel Mania, an idle game where players manage their own hotel, joins the likes of Left to Survive, Rush Royale and Tacticool in the company’s extensive and successful portfolio. The company were previously owned by Russian social-media giant VK, but due to the outbreak of the war in Ukraine My.Games’ European and international assets were spun-off into their own company and sold onto new owners.

Since then, My.Games has reoriented itself to focus on the international market. The promotion of chief strategy officer Elena Grigorian - who has helped spearhead this new focus - to CEO of My.Games is just one of the measures in which the company has changed since it became its own entity.

On the subject of Grand Hotel Mania’s success, Grigorian said, “The Grand Hotel Mania team has always embraced a spirit of creativity and innovation, aiming to bring new elements to the time-management genre, such as merge and expedition mechanics, and introducing isometric maps, as well as two main characters that players need to manage simultaneously, along with captivating core gameplay and storylines.

“Our development team consistently experiments, releasing unique content updates and launching around 10 new in-game events annually, so that the game resonates with players all over the world,” she added.

Looking abroad

The company also recently announced the opening of a new regional hub in Abu Dhabi and an increased focus on growing markets such as MENA (Middle-East and North Africa).

The announcement of this latest milestone serves to underscore the relevance and growth of My.Games' extensive portfolio. 

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