My.Games’ Left to Survive celebrates its five-year anniversary and 1.2m monthly active users

The title is a cornerstone of the company’s catalogue of free-to-play games

My.Games’ Left to Survive celebrates its five-year anniversary and 1.2m monthly active users

My.Games’ Left to Survive is celebrating its five year anniversary and a 1.2m monthly active users milestone as the developer and publisher continues to expand its global focus.

Left to Survive is a PvE zombie shooter first released in 2018, and according to My.Games the title has accrued $130m in revenue, seen 63m installs and seen 1.5 billion matches played. The title is a cornerstone of My.Games catalogue which includes other free-to-play titles such as Rush Royale.

My.Games was previously owned by Russian social-media giant VK, with major operations all over Europe. However, in the aftermath of the outbreak of the Ukraine war, the company was sold off by its owners, and then divested from Russia and became an independent entity. Now, the company has refocused to the wider world, including with investments into up and coming regions like the Middle-east and North Africa.

We got the chance to put some questions to the team working on Left to Survive about the title, asking about the title and its performance over the past five years. What do you think has made Left to Survive such a success?

My.Games: From its initial launch, the game demonstrated immense potential, owing to its impeccably
executed shooter gameplay and overall high-quality. It stood out early on for its fusion of a shooter with a comprehensive base-building meta, and the well-blended game mechanics resulted in the introduction of a unique game mode where players could not only set up their camps but also launch helicopter raids on other players' bases. This innovative combination, along with a diverse range of game modes and a deep progression system, quickly became the defining characteristics of the game.

However, true breakthrough success was achieved through regular updates that introduced fresh mechanics, abundant unique content, and engaging live-ops events. To date, we have launched more than 500 in-game events and released over 40 feature updates to the game. These constant improvements, coupled with robust social and competitive mechanics, have fostered a substantial and dedicated user base, willing to stay engaged with the game for years to come.

How important is the title going forward as part of My.Games’ catalogue?

Since its release, Left to Survive has become an important part of MY.GAMES’ catalogue. Our portfolio boasts a wide array of games, with leading titles in every popular genre, yet, Left to Survive stands out as an innovative and continually evolving product. Moreover, the advancements and achievements made by our team in developing this game have had a positive impact on our other products as well.

Having successfully overseen the game for five years, we have accumulated a wealth of experience that we can draw from when fine-tuning and finding new ways to optimise and add content to the game. In addition, our growing base of loyal fans plays a crucial role in providing feedback, engaging with, and supporting the growth and development of MY.GAMES, which results in even better products, as well as the scope, knowledge, and drive to create new ones.

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