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My.Games appoints Elena Grigorian as CEO as Vladimir Nikolsky steps down

Grigorian has helped optimise 70+ games’ potential

My.Games appoints Elena Grigorian as CEO as Vladimir Nikolsky steps down

European developer and publisher My.Games has announced that effective immediately, Elena Grigorian has been appointed as CEO, advancing from previous roles with the company as chief marketing officer and chief strategy officer.

The news follows co-founder and (now former) CEO Vladimir Nikolsky stepping down.

Bringing out potential

Grigorian has been with My.Games since the publisher’s inception, previously working in Disney’s video gaming unit for over seven years - as head and eventually director of Disney Interactive Media Group.

In her time with My.Games so far, Grigorian has assembled a marketing team "instrumental" to maximising over 70 games’ potential, with a 14-fold increase in marketing investments. Overseeing strategy, marketing segments and investments themselves, Grigorian has promoted projects across Europe, the US and Asia.

"I am thrilled to step into my new role as CEO of My.Games. Over the past year, our company has set out on a remarkable journey, marked by the opening of new offices and markets, the launch of innovative products, the execution of large-scale campaigns, and the establishment of significant partnerships," said Grigorian. "Looking ahead, 2024 is poised to be an even more monumental year for us."

On stepping down, Nikolsky commented: "A year ago, we completed a deal that significantly changed the course of the company and brought it to new heights. Despite the challenges, not only did My.Games meet all the business goals of the first year after the deal, but also expanded its global footprint and has continued to delight players around the world with new immersive gaming experiences. And now, having fulfilled all the exit commitments set out a year ago, I am handing over the helm to a new captain.

"I’m glad to introduce Elena as the new CEO in accordance with the succession plans agreed with our shareholders when we embarked upon the company's business restructuring. Her exceptional qualities, which encompass her management skills, deep experience in international business, strong strategic vision, creativity, and inspirational leadership make her the perfect fit for this role."

We recently spoke with Grigoryan about her start with My.Games, her 20-year games industry journey and "crafting distinctive player experiences".

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